In 1974, Mr. A. Victor, who was working in Indian Railways, led by the Lord to start a Church. With the help of eight Godly people, he was able to start a Church at Madurai City in a rented building. They named the Church as First Baptist Church.   It functioned as an Independent Church and supported by its own Church members. Even though it was started with eight people, God honoured their obedience to Him by adding new converts very quickly and most of them are from Hindu Background. Now the church has grown to start some more churches in different parts of our Tamilnadu and sent missionaries to north India to work among Tribal people, who are less privileged to hear gospel.

This Month Sunday Message:

52 Gods work in the life of His Choosen people Luke 1=26-38 Rev. V. David Barnabas 04.11.16 Christmas

53 Gods work in the life of His Choosen people (Part II)Luke 1& Matt 1 Rev. V. David Barnabas 11.12.16 Christmas

54 Christ’s Birth Message of the Heavenly Host Luke 2=9-14 Rev. V. David Barnabas 25.12.16 Christmas